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Joint Control Commission meeting in Istanbul cancelled by Georgia – S. Ossetia 26 février 2007

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Russia & CIS General Newswire

February 23, 2007 Friday, Tskhinvali

A meeting between the co-chairmen of the Joint Control Commission on settling the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict slated for February 28 – March 2, 2007 in Istanbul will not take place, the South Ossetian co-chairman, Boris Chochiyev, announced on Friday.

Chochiyev accused Tbilisi of « purposefully destroying the Joint Control Commission format without offering any constructive alternative. »

« This tactic has been chosen for a reason. If not a negotiating process aimed at a peaceful settlement of the conflict, then [Georgia] apparently considers another option for settling the conflict, » he said.

Chochiyev also said he was surprised by international organizations’ indifference to the problem. « I cannot understand the position of the OSCE, the European Union, and the entire global community, which are not putting proper pressure on Georgia, while they scrutinize our steps as if through a microscope, obviously overlooking the side that in fact disrupts the negotiating process, » Chochiyev said.

The South Ossetian section of the Joint Control Commission forwarded a letter on Friday to Roy Reeve, the head of the OSCE Mission to Georgia, to express its regret over the disruption of the meeting.

« Despite the current situation surrounding the Joint Control Commission’s activity, while Georgia is blocking proposals made by the commission’s members and the OSCE, South Ossetia reiterates that it is willing to continue the negotiating process in this format. »

Copies of the letters have been sent out to all the Joint Control Commission co-chairmen and Head of the European Commission Delegation to Georgia and Armenia Per Eklund.

Georgia regrets cancellation of meeting on South Ossetia conflict settlement

BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union – Political

February 22, 2007 Thursday

Source: Kavkas-Press, Tbilisi, in Georgian 22 Feb 07

Tbilisi, 22 February: The Office of the State Minister for Conflict Settlement has issued a statement in which it expresses the Georgian side’s regret at the cancellation of an informal meeting of the co-chairs of the Joint Control Commission [for the settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, JCC] that was to be held in Istanbul on 28 February-2 March. The statement also confirms Georgia’s readiness to hold constructive dialogue and its hope for the international community’s active support in this process.

« An unofficial meeting of the co-chairs was to be held in Istanbul on 28 February-2 March. Discussion on the current status of the peace process, prospects for elevating the level of trust between the sides and socioeconomic and humanitarian issues had been planned, » the statement reads.

The statement also points out that the Georgian side had confirmed its readiness to take part in the meeting and once again emphasizes that Georgia is in favour of holding constant and constructive dialogue on the full-scale political resolution of the conflict.

« The South Ossetian side had expressed certain opinions about the issues to be discussed at the unofficial meeting. State Minister for Conflict Settlement [and Georgian JCC co-chair] Merab Antadze met Boris Chochiyev, the South Ossetian co-chair of the JCC, in Tskhinvali on 20 February of this year to discuss these issues. On 20 February the Office of the State Minister disseminated relevant information to the media.

« Consultations with the South Ossetian side on the Istanbul meeting continued by telephone on 21 February. These consultations gave reason to hope that the meeting in Istanbul would indeed be held and that it would yield positive results.

« However, without the prior consent of the sides, the Russian co-chair of the JCC, Yuriy Popov, sent a letter dated 21 February to the Office of the State Minister in which he said it would not be expedient to hold the informal meeting because of the supposed lack of agreement between the sides.

« Unfortunately, Mr Popov’s letter was followed shortly thereafter by a letter from the head of the OSCE mission in Georgia, Mr Roy Reeve. Giving the same reason indicated in Mr Popov’s letter, he informed us that the Istanbul meeting had been cancelled, » the statement reads.


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