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ABHaber announces: “Papadopulos and Sarkozy are in preparation for a surprise to Turkey” 13 juin 2007

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ABHaber (Turkey)                                                          

12.06.2007, Brussels

President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy and Greek Cypriot Leader Tassos Papadopulos, have been having private talks behind closed doors in order to make Turkey’s negotiation process harder. It has been reported to ABhaber that Sarkozy and Papadopulos, who have been in search of a joint strategy against Turkey, will follow a common attitude about the initiation of negotiations on the three chapters to be opened in the Intergovernmental Conference expected to be held on June 26th (financial control, statistics, economic and monetary policy).

The EU obervers in Brussels reported to ABHaber that The Greek Cypriots and Sarkozy object to the initiation of negotiations on the three chapters which are supported by the President of the European Commission and the European Union, Germany. While the Greek Cypriots object to the financial control chapter, France contradicts with the opening of the economic and monetary policy chapter.

The Greek Cypriots and the French haven’t yet carried the objection to the negotiation chapters to the EU agenda. For the time being, the negotiation chapters to be opened with Turkey are discussed among the capitals of the EU member states. France and Greek Cyprus have let Germany know that they are against the opening of the three negotiation chapters.

Sarkozy wants to have Papadopulos on his side in order not to be alone in the anti-Turkish policy in the EU. Sarkozy is trying to find a common strategy with the Greek Cypriots not to attract the attention of the EU.

According to the information acquired by ABHaber, the Greek Cypriots are against the suspension of negotiations. However, where they meet Sarkozy in the middle is, the designation of a policy that “complicates life for Turkey in the EU”.The goal of Sarkozy is to come to a consensus with the Greek Cypriots until June 26th on the policy to be followed against Turkey.

The EU member states are going to make their official attitudes clear about the opening of negotiations with Turkey on the three chapters, which will appear on the agenda in the days to come. Germany does not wish to have a Turkey-relarted crisis while the EU constitution is being discussed. Sarkozy is not expected to make a move to this effect, either.

On the other hand, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greek Cyprus, George Lillikas, came to France in order to make connections. During his Paris connections, Lillikas will get together with the Foreign Minister of France, Bernard Kouchner and with the Minister of State for European Affairs, Jean – Pierre Jouyet.

It is reported that it is Turkey’s negotiation process with the EU that is on the agenda of the talks that are to be done by Lillikas.

Translated by Seren Küçük


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