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Putin wants more Russian influence in Balkans, Black Sea – Romanian press 2 juillet 2007

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BBC Monitoring Europe – Political, June 27, 2007 Wednesday

Text of report by Romanian newspaper Adevarul on 27 June

[Report by Viorica Marin: « Russia Wants Both Balkans and Black Sea – That Announcement Was Made by President Putin at the BSEC Summit in Istanbul »]

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday [ 25 June] in Istanbul that Russia, consolidated by its « increasing » power, is returning to the Balkans and to the Black Sea area, and people will have to take it into account. This Moscow’s return « is in Russia’s interest, and also in the interest of our partners, » said the Kremlin leader.

« Everybody knows that the Balkans and the Black Sea region are a very important area to us, » the Russian president told the journalists who attended the BSEC [Black Sea Economic Cooperation] summit. « Russia, with its increasing capabilities, is returning to this region, which is an obvious fact, » added the Kremlin leader, who had been in Zagreb, Croatia, the previous day, where he participated in a regional energy summit.

Vladimir Putin told the other chiefs of state and heads of government of the BSEC « despite its obvious successes, Russia is still far from having proven its potential. » He insisted on the importance of energy cooperation. « We propose a strengthening of the energy markets at the Black Sea, including by making more use of long-term contracts, » said the Kremlin leader.

« We have on our agenda the following planks: to diversify the energy supply routes, to create new insurance systems and to distribute the financial risks among partners by an exchange of assets, » the Russian president provided details.

Moscow Wants To Control Energy Route to Europe

The issue of the transport routes for oil and natural gas to the European market was a hotly debated subject in Istanbul. There are two main transport pipes for gas that the dispute is focusing on, each representing the interest of another group.

On the one hand, there is the Nabucco pipeline, financed by the European Union, which starts from Turkey, and whose final destination is Austria. On the other hand, there is a project put forth by Gazprom, Russia’s state monopoly, which proposes to expand the Blue Stream pipeline. In the past year, Gazprom has already managed to expand its control over the oil pipelines to the Western market, which has made Russia strengthen its influence over Europe’s energy security, reports the BBC.

The EU strategy – which is supported by countries such as Turkey – is to diversify the routes of the pipelines shipping oil from the Caspian Sea through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey. The European Union also wants to weaken Russia’s monopoly over the gas exports from the Caspian Sea region. This is how the Nabucco project was born – a pipeline to ship gas from the Caspian Sea area and from the Middle East through Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary to Austria.

But this project has received several blows from Gazprom. At the Istanbul meeting, both camps tried to attract new allies.


1. Dr.Sumith Wanniarachchi - 7 août 2007

go ahed Mr. puting you are the real fighter with brain , noth with the arms. Person who fight with brain , will always win with the arms too. We love rusia and rusian people. we are waiting to see stronger rusian nation to balance the world power to make future world more favorable to planet nation as before the poolish perosthroika.

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