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Sarkozy’s blithe inconsistency over Turkey puts EU credibility at risk 11 septembre 2007

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The Financial Times (UK), 6 September 2007                        Türkçe

From Mr Hakan Altinay and others *

Sir, Your editorial praising Nicolas Sarkozy’s vision for the European Union’s global role and his « deft » diplomatic touch (« More bang for Europe’s buck », August 30) makes curious reading for those concerned with the EU’s relationship with Turkey. (suite…)

Turkey is vital to Europe’s future 11 septembre 2007

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Daily Telegraph (UK), 05/09/2007                                         Türkçe

By David Miliband *

In the 20th century, Britain’s national security came under threat from hostile nations. Today, the threat is from terrorist groups, such as al-Qa’eda, operating within failed states, seeking to fracture the world along religious lines. (suite…)