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Turkey remains brotherly country in Azerbaijanis’ mass consciouness 21 mars 2008

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Turan Information Agency (Azerbaijan)

18 mars 2008

Sociological service « Rai » has made a survey « Azerbaijan-Turkey: How We See Each Other » on demand on Atatyurk Centre. The survey was held from February 25 to 29 and covered over 600 Baku’s residents. Results of the survey were analyzed and compared with the results of the similar survey made by sociologists of Institute of Philosophy and Law of Russian Academy of Sciences 17 years ago and presented to publicity in Atatyurk Centre in Baku on Monday.

The questionnaire proves that Baku’s interest and awareness of the neighboring country has changed. According to data of 1991, 5% of those interviewed visited Turkey and 95% never communicated with its residents (now this index is 15% and 55%, respectively). That time 94% of those interviewed said they are interested in Turkey’s life and problems and 28 of 100 interviewed said that they know enough about this country. Now 83% of those polled are interested in this country and almost every second interviewed said that they know enough about life in the neighboring country.

The main source of information about Turkey is Turkish television channels (72%), films and serials (63%), stories of friends (24%), newspapers and magazines (21%). Nobody mentioned popular scientific literature as a source of information about this country. In other words, interest in the neighboring country is of everyday character. Situation was the same in the previous survey.

Every third interviewed called Atatyuk among outstanding representatives of Turkey, then come Turgut Ozal, Suleyman Demirel, actress Turkan Shoray (10%), singers Tarkan (5%) and Sezen Aksu, the deceased Premier Bulent Ecevit and others.

Turkey is regarded as brotherly and the closest nation by absolute majority of the respondents – over 90%. Between 53% and 72% of interviewed have warm and friendly feelings, respect and interest towards Turkish people. Some interviewed – no more than 5% – have indifference, suspicion and even hostility to Turkish people.

Results of the test, which was inserted into the last questionnaire, are interesting. It reads – sometimes just few words are enough to characterize any country. For instance, Switzerland – watch, banks, Alpine skiing and cheese, U.S. – skyscrapers, aircraft-carriers, McDonalds and Coca Cola, Russia – missiles, Big Theatre, oil and vodka, Georgia – Borzhomi, tangerines, drinking songs and khachapuri. Which words can be used to describe Turkey? For majority of Baku’s residents Turkey is associated with rest, Istanbul, asker (soldier) and doner.


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