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Istanbul biggest city in Europe 28 septembre 2008

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Turkish Daily News

25 septembre 2008

Confirming what many have long suspected, Istanbul is officially the most crowded city in Europe.Two other Turkish cities are also among the top 10. Ankara, Turkey’s capital, ranks fourth, as the Aegean city of Izmir comes in at nine, according to a list released by Eurostat, the European Union statistics institution.

Istanbul’s population is just under 10 million, according to the Eurostat figures. London ranks as the second-most crowded city, with a population of 7.43 million, as Paris ranks third with a population of 6.4 million. The other most crowded cities are Ankara at 3.4 million, Berlin at 3.39 million, Madrid at 3 million, Athens at 2.88 million, Rome at 2.55 million and Izmir at 2.39 million.

The Eurostat figures show that in Europe 65 million people live in 26 cities with a population of more than 1 million.

Brussels ranks first among 20 European cities for the highest number of thefts. London is second, while Amsterdam ranks third in this ignominious category. No Turkish cities appeared on the list in this category.

Eurostat also announced a list of European cities with the highest number of car thefts, in which several Italian cities compete with each other for top honors.


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