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Turkish culture presented in France 1 septembre 2009

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1st september 2009

Painter Metin Asag is opening an exhibition in Paris as part of the ‘Turkey Season in France,’ which is promoting Turkish culture with various events from July this year until March next year. The exhibition ‘Le Turcomanies de Metin Asag’ will display significant examples of artwork from Turkish Islamic art as well as art from Byzantium, Seljuk and Ottoman times

With significant examples of artwork from Turkish Islamic art as well as art from Byzantium, Seljuk and Ottoman times, “Le Turcomanies de Metin Asag” is going to highlight the “Turkey Season in France.”

Turkish painter Metin Asag’s project “Le Turcomanies de Metin Asag’ has been selected by the two countries’ commissaries from among 2,000 projects as the best project of 2009.

Asag’s exhibition will open Sept. 3 and then Turkey and its wonders will be presented to French audiences. The show will allow French to become familiar with the rich Turkish contemporary art world, Turkey’s dynamic and creative diversity, cultural heritage and modern image of Turkey, through the eyes of Metin Asag.

Les Turcomanies artworks include paintings that bear the traces of the Hagia Sophia; Byzantine mosaics from the 4th century; motifs, porcelains, manuscripts, war helmets from the Seljuk period and afterwards; portraits of Ottoman sultans; Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt; the triple alliance (of France, the Ottoman Empire and the United Kingdom) against the Russians in the Crimean War of 1856; talismanic shirts of Ottoman emperors; prayer rugs; caftans; calligraphic artworks; ewers and dippers; shields; bridles; sultans’ signatures; Philip II; Zeugma and Alexander the Great. These paintings are highly stylish examples from Metin Asag’s unique art, with their deformed figures and antiquated surfaces.

“Turkey Season in France” opened July 1 upon a letter of intent signed by the Turkish and French ministers of culture and foreign affairs. The celebration will continue through March 31, 2010.

Turkey’s travel from China to the Balkans

Asag’s exhibition, which will shed light on the cultural and artistic aspects of the Turks’ journey of a thousand year from the west of China to the Balkans, and their cultural wealth, which span from Istanbul to Europe and beyond, will provide its audience with a wide perspective regarding Turkish history and culture, as well as the religion of Islam.

This will be the first time that a Turkish artist will carry such rich content and context beyond the borders of Turkey to France. The main objective of the exhibition is to present Turkish culture to the French through more than 45 artworks, and to revive the artistic and cultural relations and dialogue between the Turkish and the French people.

“I will introduce Istanbul, the city of many civilizations and Turkey, with its past, future and present in a most successful manner,” said Asag, who has been working on the exhibition for a very long time.

First time in France

Asag drew attention to the fact that it is the first time that such an exhaustive Turkish cultural event is being held in France. He expressed his pleasure to work together with a distinguished team with a selected exemplum of his rich collection on Turkish culture.

“It is necessary to introduce French society to the cultural diversity of Turkey and to amplify the artistic and cultural communication between the two countries. The ‘Turkey Season’ will be an exemplary collaboration between the two countries, which have uncountable common values, with the aim of introducing the Turkish cultural life to the French authorities, artists, society and press. The series of events will also underline the historical importance and intensity of the relations between Turkey and France.

We, as Turkish artists, will do our best to contribute to the cultural exchange between the two countries,” Asag said.

The “Turkey Season” is the product of collaboration between the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, or IKSV, and Culturesfrance. This event is based on the initiative of Turkish and French ministries of foreign affairs and is supported by the French and Turkish presidents.

The exhibition venue is 45, Rue St. Honore Paris 75001


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