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Turkish Cypriot foreign minister defines archbishop’s remarks as historic 4 mai 2011

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Anadolu Agency (Turkey)

May 4, 2011, Lefkosa

Turkish Cypriot foreign minister defined on Wednesday the remarks of the Greek Cypriot archbishop as historic.

Foreign Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) said Greek Cypriot Orthodox Church’s archbishop Chrystosotomos II’s remarks were a historic confession.

« We have warned the European Union (EU) executives about the insincerity of the Greek Cypriot administration, however our warnings were ignored, » Ozgurgun told a televised interview.

Chrystosotomos II had said « the Greek Cypriot administration had deceived the EU just to become a full member. »

Ozgurgun said the Greek Cypriot administration had been spoiled as it became an EU member, representing the « entire island », unilaterally and illegally.

The foreign minister said the Greek Cypriot administration blocked a possible solution in the island by assuming an uncompromising attitude.

« The archbishop, who stands in the second place after the Greek Cypriot leader, has confirmed the accuracy of our warnings to the EU, which is exemplary, » Ozgurgun said.

Ozgurgun said, « what we want from the international community after this confession is that it should give up making the Turkish Cypriots pay the price of the historical mistakes it made in 1963 and 2004, and without any delay, it should take steps required to give Turkish Cypriots the place it deserves in the international community. »

The minister said the only reason before a possible progress in ongoing Cyprus negotiations was the Greek Cypriot administration and its uncompromising attitude.

Ozgurgun said the Greek Cypriot administration, which insisted that negotiations should be open-ended, was negatively affecting the process by laying down proposals outside the scope of United Nations (UN) parameters.

« Turkish Cypriots, who have the full support of Turkey for a fair and lasting comprehensive settlement, is determined to take its place at the negotiation table sincerely and constructively. However, negotiations cannot be open-ended as registered for many times by the UN Secretary General, and negotiations cannot go on forever, » Ozgurgun also said.

Since 2008, Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot leaders have been conducting UN-brokered talks on a solution to Cyprus problem in a bid to reunify the island.

The island has been divided since 1974 when an Athens-backed Greek Cypriot military coup on the island led to Turkey’s intervention based on its rights stemming from the Treaty of Guarantees.


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