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US map of new Middle East 27 mars 2012

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Arab News (Saudi Arabia) March 27, 2012, p. 10

Reda Mohammad Lari *

President Barack Obama had said, “The wishes of Israel for the United States of America are sacred”, and the wishes of Israel today (in 2012) is quite similar to her wishes in 1948 when it was created — on May 15, 1948. Israel wishes today the elimination of the Palestinian presence; and that is by expanding the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan through annexation of part of the West Bank that would also include part of Syrian territory. Thus, all Palestinians would be made to immigrate to Jordan, it will become their home, and as a result eliminate their presence entirely from the Palestinian land. All land will be taken by Israel and Jerusalem will be its united capital.

This new map of the Middle East is supported by the United States and its allies based on the standpoint of America that Israel cannot live with its Arab neighbors and therefore should be totally separated from them. But Washington is aware that the Arab world rejects this hypothesis of the new Middle East map that allows Israel to acquire all Palestinian land in addition to the possibility of military combat between the Arabs and Israelis. However, Washington announced that it will stand with Israel, because as we know, they are subject to Zionist pressure groups and the Jewish Lobby that influence the US political decisions regarding Israel. Moreover, Obama especially needs, in the next elections, the votes of the American Jews and others who are under the influence of the Zionists.

As per the new map, next to the new state which will be created an old Jordan, after they are also given annexed land from occupied Palestine to include all Palestinians including those living abroad. The new territory will also consist of parts of Iraqi and Syrian land. However, for the Kurdish nationalists who are now spread over five countries — Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia, and lack any expressed political entity, the US Middle East map envisages the establishment of Greater Kurdistan consisting of Iraqi Kurdistan, including oil producing Kirkuk, and there are indications parts of Turkey, Syria and Iran will be annexed and it will become a pro-american state.

The question now is, what is the purpose of displaying this map at a US military official website? The US administration conceived a new map of the Middle East in order to make it a democratic state, this is what it claims on the basis of the abolition of old colonial maps set up by the colonial French and British in the early 20th century which is not needed today. The US thinks there is no longer a place for the “friendly agreement” concluded in 1904 between London and Paris due to the latest changes in the new nationalism and sectarian divisions of the countries concerned because it aims at weakening the countries that are being split and truncated.

As pointed out before, the new states will be close allies of the US because they benefited from the United States which gave them independence. Meanwhile, other states, which would be eventually expanded would also be grateful for the new project. Greater Jordan will be the best solution to the Palestinian refugee problem from Washington’s perspective, because it will also rid Israel of a constant problem — a demographic change in favor of the Palestinian population in case the UN resolution on the Palestinian issue is implemented.

What the United States is attempting to impose is quite similar to the Balfour Declaration because every day it gives Israel Palestinian territories and eliminates the Palestinian presence in the final map of the Middle East, which would most likely impose an Arab-israeli war and the United States of America will face hostilities from multiple sides.

The division and the formation of new states or the expansion of old ones is not possible without prejudice against internationally recognized political entities, and the US administration’s highest priority is to quickly implement the plan. It was necessary for the states concerned to gauge the seriousness of the Arab national resistance to the US administration’s projects and those of its allies. Not only to foil the occupation itself, but also to save the entire region and the world of a coming evil which may eventually plunge the world into a series of devastating wars, we announce from here that the Arab world rejects America’s draft of the new map, because it surely represents an era of neo-colonialism of the Middle East.

* The author is editor in chief of Asharq Al-awsat. 


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