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EU-Turkey: Women’s rights central to talks, EU Parliament 22 mai 2012

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22 May 2012, Strasbourg

New constitution to include female quotas in politics, EU MPs. « As a candidate country Turkey is required to ensure gender equality, because there cannot be any accession to the EU without ensuring women’s rights. » This is the key message within the report approved today by the European Parliament and expressed by its speaker, the Dutch European MP Emine Bozkurt (S&D).
The vast majority of the European parliament voted in favour, with 590 votes supporting the report, 28 against and 53 abstentions.
« Women’s rights should be central to negotiations for Turkey’s accession to the EU, » Bozkurt said, and in this field, « EU support is crucial ». European Members of Parliament have therefore urged the EU commission to open the chapter on accession talks concerning fundamental rights. On this front « there is still a lot of work to be done, » says Bozkurt, who in the report recommends that the Turkish government include a series of measures in the new constitution, such as compulsory female quotas in the electoral lists. European MPs have asked that Ankara show « zero tolerance » towards violence against women, and say that victims should be able to rely on more shelter and security, as well as training activities enabling women to rebuild their lives. Bozkurt called the new law approved on March 8 « a good start », and said that beyond simply passing laws, work must also be done on implementing them. « It is important to change the current mentality through awareness raising campaigns, » Bozkurt added.

Download full report - PDF (English)

Télécharger le rapport - PDF (Français)


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