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La Turquie, nouveau rendez-vous diplomatique obligé 2 juin 2012

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Agence France Presse

Samedi 2 juin 2012, Istanbul

Il se passe rarement une semaine sans que la Turquie, et sa plus belle vitrine Istanbul, n’accueillent une grande conférence diplomatique, un agenda chargé qui témoigne de l’impatience des dirigeants turcs de peser sur la scène mondiale, par un rôle de « facilitateur ». (suite…)

Syrian intervention risks upsetting global order 2 juin 2012

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The Washington Post (USA) June 2, 2012

By Henry A. Kissinger *

The Arab Spring is generally discussed in terms of the prospects for democracy. Equally significant is the increasing appeal — most recently in Syria — of outside intervention to bring about regime change, overturning prevalent notions of international order. (suite…)

Turkish Pianist Is Accused of Insulting Islam 2 juin 2012

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The New York Times (USA) June 2, 2012, p. A 4

By Sebnem Arsu and Daniel J. Wakin 

A court here on Friday charged Fazil Say, a classical and jazz pianist with an international career, with insulting Islamic values in Twitter messages, the latest in a series of legal actions against Turkish artists, writers and intellectuals for statements they have made about religion and Turkish national identity. (suite…)