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Turkologist: Policy of containment towards Turkey has come to an end 13 février 2013

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ArmInfo (Armenia)

January 13, 2013, Yerevan

The policy of containment towards Turkey has come to an end. France was one of the key initiators of that policy. The situation will finally clear up within a 1.5 year and we will be able to speak on the given topic more substantially. Ruben Safrastyan, Professor, Director of the Oriental Studies Institute, National Academy of Science of Armenia, made such statement in an interview with ArmInfo.

On February 12 Foreign Minister of France Laurent Fabius and Ahmet Davutoglu discussed the process of Turkey’s admission to the EU, the issue of liquidating political obstacles created by Sarkozy’s administration in the given issue, as well as the visit of the French president to Turkey in 2013.

« France’s policy towards Turkey is being seriously revised now. The Socialists ruling in France obviously strive to improve the relations with Turkey and lift the key obstacles to that country’s integration into the European Union. So, a new policy of France towards Turkey is emerging, » the Turkologist said.

As regards adoption of the bill penalizing the Armenian Genocide denial in France in the light of the aforementioned processes, Safrastyan thinks that Hollande’s government will oppose it. The bill is backed by the rightwing forces, specifically by the Conservatives. Comparing the current situation around the bill and the situation around adoption of the first bill criminalizing the genocide denial, Professor Safrastyan said that then both the right and the left actually supported it. The bill was failed just by Sarkozy who did not use his right to give force to the bill and submitted it to the Constitutional Court of France.

« Thus, I think, in 2012 the situation was much more favorable than now. I suppose, the present parliament of France is less likely to pass the bill. I say this basing on the recent trends towards Turkey in the foreign policy of France during Hollande’s presidency. It is obvious that Paris changes its policy towards that country. The leftwing forces unlike the rightwing ones both in France and in Europe are due to see Turkey as a EU member-state, » he said. Valerie Boyer, a French lawmaker, who gained a reputation last year fiercely defending a bill criminalizing denial of the Armenian genocide has made a fresh attempt to bring the bill to the forefront. Valerie Boyer and five other lawmakers submitted the draft law to the French Parliament Feb. 6. The first article of the bill provides for a year of imprisonment or a fine of 45,000 euros for denial of the genocide.


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