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Dégel du processus d’adhésion de la Turquie à l’UE 14 février 2013

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Le Monde (France) jeudi 14 février 2013, p. 6

Philippe Ricard avec Guillaume Perrier (à Istanbul)

Paris a décidé de rouvrir l’un des chapitres de négociations bloqués par Nicolas Sarkozy. (suite…)

Turkey and the EU 14 février 2013

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Financial Times (UK) Thursday, February 14, 2013, p. 8                                         Türkçe


Both sides would benefit from reviving accession talks. If France’s decision to start dismantling roadblocks to Turkey’s membership of the EU, erected by Nicolas Sarkozy before he lost the presidency to François Hollande, is genuine, it is an overdue step towards sanity in managing a vital European relationship. (suite…)

Ataturk’s secular vision still thriving 14 février 2013

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The Irish Times, Thursday, February 14, 2013, p. 14                                                  Türkçe

David Adams

Each morning, as dawn breaks, one awakens to the sound of the first Islamic call to prayer. The muezzin’s voice, beautifully atmospheric as it echoes and resonates about the town, will be heard another four times before midnight. (suite…)