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Turkey after the EP elections: Time for a new debate 8 octobre 2014

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Perspectives (Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung) Issue 10, October 2014, pp. 47-50             Türkçe

Ska Keller *

The accession of Turkey to the EU has traditionally been an important topic for right-wing and far-right campaigns. This time, even though it did appear in the context of immigration and prejudices against Islam, it did not play a major role in the campaigns. (suite…)

Dealing with Turkey After Ukraine: Why the EU Should Let the Enlargement Approach Go 8 octobre 2014

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GTE Commentary (Istituto Affari Internazionali) No. 15, October 2014

by Antoaneta L. Dimitrova *

The events in Ukraine at the end of 2013 might be a sign that we have reached the end of the EU’s monopoly on transformative power. President Putin, but also other leaders of important EU neighbours are playing a different geopolitical game than the EU. (suite…)

La Turquie en crise face à Daech 8 octobre 2014

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L’Orient-Le Jour (Liban)  mardi 7 octobre 2014, p. 11            Deutsch  English  Español

Sinan Ulgen *

La récente libération de 46 otages turcs enlevés par l’État islamique (EI, ex-Daech) a suscité l’espoir pour les États-Unis de voir la Turquie s’engager enfin à rejoindre cette coalition sous conduite américaine qui combat actuellement ce groupe. (suite…)