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Special Study of Islam 2015 8 janvier 2015

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Religion Monitor (Bertelsmann Stiftung) January 2015                                     Deutsch

Dirk Halm, Martina Sauer, Kai Hafez, Sabrina Schmidt, Richard Traunmüller *

Most of the four million Muslims living in Germany are part of the country’s social fabric. Their attitudes and viewpoints very much reflect the Federal Republic’s basic values, such as a belief in democracy and diversity. On the other hand, many of the country’s non-Muslims have unfavorable views of Islam and its adherents. Those are just some of the findings from a special study on Muslims in Germany carried out as part of the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Religion Monitor project.   The study shows that Muslims in Germany have close ties to the state and society. For example, 90 percent of highly religious Muslims are very supportive of democracy as a form of government. Nine out of ten of the study’s respondents, moreover, have contact with non-Muslims in their free time. One in two even has as at least as much contact with non-Muslims as with Muslims.

* Prof. Dirk Halm and Dr. Martina Sauer of the Center for Turkish Studies and Integration Research (ZfTI), Prof. Kai Hafez and Sabrina Schmidt of the University of Erfurt and Prof. Richard Traunmüller of the University of Frankfurt.

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