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Corridor report Germany 25 février 2015

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INTERACT Research Report (Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies)  2015/02
European University Institute

Agnieszka Weinar & Jan Schneider *

In this report we analyse the differences and similarities between the Turkish and Russian immigrants in Germany at the destination but also between the two countries of origin in order to assess their integration outcomes. We investigate the following question: what is the impact of the country of origin (Russia and Turkey) on integration outcomes in Germany? We found that the migrating groups have different characteristics (flows and stocks) and each group has been subject to a different entry policy, including different rights and obligations. In fact, the structural and policy factors at the destination are the key elements that influence the success of integration or failure of migrants. As regards the impact of the country of origin, understood as policies and practices targeting diaspora for better integration, it is negligible so far. The diaspora policies do not support integration. On the contrary, they aim at re-focusing migrants’ attention back to the country of origin. This policy can have positive ramifications for integration outcomes, e.g. when it supports Turkish migrants’ crossborder business activities or enhances Russian-language proficiency among the diaspora so that they can later on use it in international business environment. As our report shows, there is an important group of actors on various levels of governance that work to improve the final outcome. In the case of migrant organizations and organizations helping migrants in Germany, they form an additional arm of integration policy. Being close to migrants and having intimate knowledge of their integration needs, they focus on topics and fields of action that are most relevant for a successful migration story. They also form the most tangible bridge between the origin and destination.

INTERACT – Researching Third Country Nationals’ Integration as a Three – way Process – Immigrants, Countries of Emigration and Countries of Immigration as Actors of Integration. INTERACT is co-financed by the European Union and is implemented by a consortium built by CEDEM, UPF and MPI Europe.

* Agnieszka Weinar, European University Institute and Carleton University. Jan Schneider, Sachverständigenrat deutscher Stiftungen für Integration und Migration (SVR) GmbH.

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