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Nuclear Security: A Turkish Perspective 13 mars 2015

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EDAM Report (Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies) 2015

Sinan Ülgen * (Editor)

EDAM’s new report on Turkey’s nuclear energy plans focuses on nuclear security. The first chapter provides a detailed account of the physical threats for nuclear facilities, material and personnel, and later discusses state-led and assymmetric threats that surround Turkey in relation to the risks they may pose to the country’s prospective nuclear infrastructure. The second chapter looks into Turkey’s regulatory, civilian/military and executive capabilities to effectively secure its prospective nuclear infrastructure and provides ways in which the deficiencies in these areas may be addressed. The third chapter looks into nuclear smuggling, a traditional challenge that Turkey has had to deal with as a transit country. The final chapter provides an assessment of the overall picture and discusses the steps that Ankara should take in order to bridge the gap between the capabilities it has today and the challenges it may face in the future.

Introduction, Sinan Ülgen

Chapter I – Securing Turkey’s Prospective Nuclear Energy Program: A Strategic Nuclear Security Risk Analysis , Doruk Ergun & Can Kasapoglu

Chapter II – Assessing Turkey’s Capacity to Effectively Secure its Nuclear Infrastructure: The Case for Transparency and an Integrated Approach, Ahmet K. Han, Mitat Celikpala,  Doruk Ergun

Chapter III – Nuclear Security and Turkey: Dealing with Nuclear Smuggling, Mustafa Kibaroğlu

Chapter IV – Nuclear Security from a Turkish Perspective: An Assessment, Aaron Stein

This research has been funded with support from the “Nuclear Threat Initiative”. The views expressed in this report are entirely the authors’ own and not those of the Nuclear Threat Initiative

* Sinan Ulgen is the chairman of the Istanbul based think tank, Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM) and a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels.

Download full text (Format Pdf)


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