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Corridor report on France : the case of Turkish and Tunisian immigrants 24 juin 2015

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INTERACT Research Report (Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies)  2015/14
European University Institute

Lorenzo Gabrielli *

This corridor report analyses the integration patterns of Turkish and Tunisian immigrants in France on a comparative basis. The goal of the report is to understand the role of origin countries and societies in the integration of these two immigrant communities in France. Following the INTERACT project’s idea of “integration as a three-way process”, the report analyses the integration of Turkish and Tunisian immigrants in France not only from a country of destination perspective, but also from the point of view of the countries and societies of origin. To do this, we apply a methodology that brings together three different types of original sources: a legal and political framework analysis at both origin and destination, a quantitative analysis on some specific integration dimensions (labour market, education, and citizenship), and a survey on civil society actors. The analysis conducted emphasises that historical and language ties between the country of origin and destination may play a role in specific dimensions such as education and, in a lesser way, on the labour market (through bilateral agreements). These linkages also play an indirect role on the compositions and specific time evolution of the two migration flows to France. Countries of origin may also play a role concerning access to citizenship through the evolution of their policies in this area.

INTERACT – Researching Third Country Nationals’ Integration as a Three – way Process – Immigrants, Countries of Emigration and Countries of Immigration as Actors of Integration. INTERACT is co-financed by the European Union and is implemented by a consortium built by CEDEM, UPF and MPI Europe.

* GRITIM – Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

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