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Can Istanbul produce its own Armani or Versace? Made in Turkey 2 octobre 2012

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Financial Times (UK) Tuesday, October 2, 2012, p. 10

Daniel Dombey

Fifteen hundred years ago the Byzantine empire stole the secret of making silk from China. The capture of the mulberry silkworm may have seemed a frivolous breakthrough for some – the great historian Edward Gibbon lamented that instead the Byzantines should have learnt from the Chinese how to operate a printing press, writes Daniel Dombey. (suite…)

Discovering design gems in Turkey 28 juillet 2012

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The Washington Post (USA) July 28. 2012, p. E1
Real Estate

Vern Yip *

A while back, I wrote about my firm belief that if you stop traveling, you stop growing as a designer. Despite having traveled to more than 40 countries in the past six years, I’d never been to Turkey, so I was anxious to experience this magical place where East meets West to create something unique and special. (suite…)

Hussein Chalayan’s ‘Narratives’ 5 juillet 2011

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International Herald Tribune, July 5, 2011, p. 10
Special Report: Fashion

by Suzy Menkes

The mouth of the sculpted figure opens in precise time with that of the Turkish performer Sertab Erener, singing a song of love and loss on a giant screen. This multimedia face-off, with a digital projection creating the sculpture’s moving lips, is symbolic of a 21st-century fashion exhibit and of the complexity of thought from its subject, the designer Hussein Chalayan. (suite…)