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Illusions versus reality: Turkey’s approach to the Middle East and North Africa 16 avril 2015

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Policy Brief (FRIDE) nº 200, April 2015                                                                       Español

By Soli Özel & Behlül Özkan *

Turkey’s once so promising standing in the Middle East and North Africa lies in ruins. This is because the Turkish government – driven by ideology rather than pragmatism – has squandered its regional geopolitical capital since the 2011 Arab uprisings. (suite…)

Turkey’s Russia conundrum: To court or to curb? 24 septembre 2014

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Policy Brief (FRIDE) No. 185, September 2014

By Diba Nigar Goksel *

The Ukraine crisis has exposed Turkey’s efforts to avoid direct involvement in Russia-EU tensions. Ankara essentially hovers between gaining economic advantages from cooperation with Moscow and counterbalancing Russian assertiveness in the region. (suite…)

Syria’s Uprising: sectarianism, regionalisation, and state order in the Levant 18 mai 2013

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Working Paper (Fride & Hivos) n° 119, May 2013, 21 p.

By Steven Heydemann *

As the Syrian revolution enters its third year, the risks to regional stability are escalating. Violence has spilled over all of Syria’s borders. The conflict has elevated sectarian tensions in Lebanon, threatening the 1990 Taif settlement that ended 15 years of civil war. (suite…)