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Iraq was always a festering sore just waiting to burst 15 juin 2014

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The People (UK) June 15, 2014, p. 12-13

By Professor Mark Almond *

Expert reveals inside story on why ‘rebuilt’ country has collapsed so suddenly. In less than a week, Iraq has returned to haunt the headlines – and Western leaders. (suite…)

Erdogan ‘hasn’t thought through what his main priorities are’ 2 juin 2013

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RT TV (Russia) June 02, 2013

Interview with Mark Almond

As people in Istanbul’s Taksim Square rejoice at having pushed back riot police who only hours before tried brutally to contain them, everyone is wondering where the real split is between Turkey’s government and its citizens. (suite…)

La Turquie risque de tourner le dos à l’Europe 25 juin 2008

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Europe’s World, no : 8, Printemps 2008                                           

par Mark Almond 

Voilà 40 ans que la Turquie laïque cherche à faire partie de l’Europe. Mais elle a récemment redécouvert les voies de l’Orient. Mark Almond analyse les changements d’attitudes en Turquie et les pressions contrant la force d’attraction de l’UE (suite…)