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The Implications of the War on ISIS in Kurdistan 6 septembre 2014

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Review of Regional Affairs (ORSAM) No.10, September 2014                 Türkçe

Othman Ali *

The war which the Islamic state in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) has started in northern Iraq, the subsequent human tragedy in Sinjar, and threat to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) have alarmed the West the United States in particular, to introduce an overall change in policy towards Iraq and the KRG. (suite…)

Regional implications of PKK’s truce with Turkey 23 mai 2013

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Today’s Zaman (Turkey) 23 May 2013, p. 14

by Othman Ali *

If the current truce between Turkey and the PKK holds or ends in a peace treaty, it has the potential to seriously weaken the Iraqi government’s resolve to assert its power vis-à-vis the Kurdistan Regional Government and the peace process may further strain the relationship between Baghdad and Arbil. (suite…)